The Basil D'Oliveira Affair: A Radio Play (English Edition) por David Stephenson

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The Basil D'Oliveira Affair: A Radio Play (English Edition)

Titulo del libro : The Basil D'Oliveira Affair: A Radio Play (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : November 21, 2011
Autor : David Stephenson
Número de páginas : 33
Editor :

David Stephenson con The Basil D'Oliveira Affair: A Radio Play (English Edition)

The Basil D'Oliveira Affair is a radio play based on the life of South African cricketer, Basil D'Oliveira. The outstanding Cape Coloured cricketer dreams of playing in England and escaping apartheid. He writes to legendary English commentator John Arlott who secures him a contract with a Lancashire club. In the aftermath of the Sharpeville Massacre, Basil flies out leaving his pregnant wife Naomi at home. He arrives in the bewildering Swinging Sixties of England. Basil eventually adapts to English conditions, as Naomi arrives. But a car crash almost cripples his playing career, as fellow cricketer Tom Graveney encourages him to join Worcester, which leads to his selection for England.
Meanwhile, in South Africa, Prime Minister Vorster hears of Basil’s success and sets about derailing his chances of ever being picked for a future England tour in his home country. Basil is approached by South Africa tobacco man Tienie Oosthuizen with an enticing job offer to return to South Africa if he rules himself out of the upcoming England tour of South Africa. Basil is faced with the decision of his life: go to a lucrative job, or make a stand for the Coloured people of South Africa.
This true story, some based on actual recorded conversations, rocked the English sporting establishment and drove apartheid South Africa into the sporting wilderness for decades.