Lost At Sea por Bryan O'Malley

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Lost At Sea

Titulo del libro : Lost At Sea
Fecha de lanzamiento : January 19, 2011
Autor : Bryan O'Malley
Número de páginas : 192
Editor : Oni Press

Bryan O'Malley con Lost At Sea

The critically lauded debut graphic novel from Bryan Lee O'Malley (Scott Pilgrim) returns to print! Raleigh doesn't have a soul. A cat stole it - or at least that's what she tells people - or at least that's what she would tell people if she told people anything. But that would mean talking to people, and to her, the mere thought of social interaction is terrifying. How did such a shy teenage girl end up in a car with three of her hooligan classmates on a cross-country road trip? Being forced to interact with kids her own age is a new and alarming proposition for Raleigh, but maybe it's just what she needs - or maybe it can help her find what she needs - or maybe it can help her to realize that what she needs has been with her all along...